Welcome to my new blog!

When I see all the apocalyptic news about where the world is heading, especially in terms of climate change, I ask myself if it is time to surrender now or at least to switch of the TV. But unfortunately there is only one world, so waiting for things to happen is not an option and just looking away does not make it better. But is it really that bad? My opinion is: yes and no. Yes, if we go on like this it will be bad. We hear about it all the time. And no, because we can realistically do something about it. There are technologies out there we can use already today and many more are to come in the near future. The problem is only that we can’t stop staring at the gigantic avalanche coming closer and closer. Why don’t we get going and first have a closer look? I bet the avalanche can be stopped quite easily at some spots. Realizing that, we can use all the skills that made our life so comfy during the last century to make it sustainable within this century. We just don’t hear about these things often enough in the news.

I thought about starting a blog on this topic for a while already. Having a closer look at the gigantic avalanche requires putting loads of numbers into the right context. And I like numbers. Now I stumbled upon a report about a study that finally got me excited. It gets an important basis of all the discussion about climate change straight: Who is responsible for CO2 emissions? Sure, that is still talking about the problem and not about solutions but as a first step we need to sort this out.

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